Episode 7, Series 2:  Creating Climate Justice with Roxane Chaplain

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During Episode Seven of the EarthRights PodcastEarthRights is in conversation with Roxane Chaplain, Personal Assistant to Marie Taussaint at the European Parliament. Together they work on environmental and legal matters at the EU level.

Roxane, Pippa and Mel discuss the concept of climate justice, which means to frame the climate emergency as a political and legal issue rather than one purely physical in nature.

Roxane has also worked for Notre affaire à tous over the past few years and assisted the NGO, along with three other organisations, in taking the French State to Court over its inadequate action in tackling climate change – particularly in view of the Paris Agreement 2015.

Throughout the episode, Roxane explains why the law is an important tool for making governments change and actually take the climate crisis seriously.

Alongside this, the legal concept of rights of nature, which was spoken about at length in Episode 5 of the First Series is discussed. Roxane tells EarthRights about how giving legal personality to physical entities can help form more reciprocal relationships between nations, people and the environment.