Episode 7, Series 1:  A Green Recovery from Covid-19 

In conversation with: James Melling and Carolyne Culver

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In episode 7 of the EarthRights Podcast, Pippa and Mel look at the possibility for a green and environmentally focussed recovery from Covid-19. The lockdowns which were introduced at the start of the pandemic provided the earth with a break, a tiny chance to recover and pause.

It also provided the opportunity for many of us to slow down our previously fast-paced lives and take in the beauty of our natural world. Pippa and Mel discuss the main lessons they learned from living in this new way and the changes they have seen at the national and global level.

During their conversation, Pippa speaks to James Melling, from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. He reflected: “I think people in the pandemic have become more integrated into the nature around them, and when people feel connected to nature in this way they start to care more because it matters to them, and so they are more likely to stand up for nature.” 

Caring about nature also induces behavioural changes, such as taking up active travel – not simply because it is far better for the environment, but also because it makes you healthier and feel good. Pippa and Mel also make various suggestions about how to start educating yourself so that you can make a “green recovery in yourself”.

Also, they look at how to take action at the local and government level. Here are some things you should do:

Finally, Mel reflects on her own experience of getting in touch with her MP about making cycling routes safer and what resulted. She also chats to Carolyne Culver Green Party Group Leader at West Berkshire council about the local approach to climate change. 

Carolyne stated: “When petitioning for a climate emergency we were told it was hyperbole.”