Opening up conversations about human rights and environmental issues

The EarthRights podcast and platform connect struggles of human rights and climate change activism to drive change.

Our Platform

The mission of EarthRights is to build a place where everyone can learn from and engage in discussions about human rights and environmental issues.

Our podcast and digital platform offer conversations, articles, resources to encourage active participation and collaboration against human rights abuses and the climate crisis.

The EarthRights podcast amplifies the connection between human rights and environmental issues through inclusive and challenging conversations.

The podcast aims to elevate human rights and environmental activism by getting anonymous heroes out of the dark, sharing stories, sparking debates, and suggesting action-steps for listeners to take.

Recent Episodes

Episode 1 Roma Rights with Fil Sys

Episode 1 Roma Rights with Fil Sys

Introduction to Series Two

Introduction to Series Two

Episode 8 The need for an Ethical Recovery from Covid-19

Episode 8 The need for an Ethical Recovery from Covid-19

About Us

As an environmental journalist and reporter for Environment Journal and Air Quality News, Pippa’s work has enabled her to meet and interview many key environmentalists. Notably, she has spoken with Helena Molin Valdés, David Wallace-Wells and Gavin Thurston. Her passion for articulating on environmental issues began at the University of Birmingham, where she undertook an extensive research project investigating the language used by politicians when talking about climate change.
After completing her Masters in International Human Rights Law and Environmental Protection last year, Melanie has been working on a freelance basis, writing feature articles for environment publications and developing a legal database for the Human Rights Law Centre in Nottingham. She also helped to organise the Centre’s annual conference and has taken part in various projects with refugees, all of which have made her strongly devoted to human rights matters.

Our Journey

How it all began…

Pippa (left) and Mel (right) met at university in Prague 3 years ago. They call it ‘the year that changed everything’. They could be found attending activist talks, cultural events and protest marches, but more often than not, talking for hours about their concern for the world around them over their beloved coffee!
Being so inspired by all the people they met and deep conversations they were having, Pippa and Mel felt that more people should be involved in this learning process. They wanted to inspire optimism and encourage people to join the human rights and environmental activist movements.
And that’s how EarthRights started… in summer 2020, Pippa and Mel prepared the podcast and set up a digital platform to open up their conversations, so that everyone can share their ideas, opinions and together invoke a more just future.